Project specification:

  • Overview: Literature survey/practice of new IT technologies and their impact on business
  • Some project ideas (these serve merely as ideas. They should by no means restrict your imagination)
    • Web 2.0 for business
    • Office 2.0
    • Enterprise 2.0 for business
    • Library 2.0
    • Wikipedia
    • Web Crawler
    • Deep Web
    • Social Computing
    • Semantic Web
    • New Trends in Search Engines
    • Web Operating System
    • Internet2
    • Data Mining and E-Commerce
    • RFID Business Cases
    • Marketing Geography
    • Multimedia Technology in Business
    • Mobile Internet
  • Deliverables:
    • Project proposal (1-2 paragraph description of your project) due on October 6. You should include your project title and delineate your
      1. Group members (three students)
      2. project idea
      3. data source
      4. key algorithms/technology, and
      5. what you expect to submit at the end of the semester.
    • Final project writeup (10 - 20 pages) due on December 8. This is a comprehensive description of your project. You should include the following:
      1. project idea
      2. key results
      3. what worked, what did not work, what surprised you, and why
    • Final presentation In the class (December 1), each group  presents their project to the rest of the class. The presentation should  last no more than 10 minutes. 2 minutes will be allotted for questions.